As a “Teaching Artist,“ I offer instruction in beginning to advanced drawing & painting, Portfolio review, portfolio development, and college prep, focusing on the fundamental foundations of visual art.  
     I’ve worked in both the design & fine art fields around the globe since 1992, and I've been teaching art since 2000. I work with individuals or small groups to focus on personalized skill sets and interests.          
    My goal is to help artists prepare for the regors of an art education and give them a foundation in the visual laguage that will allow them to stand out in the competative feild of visual art.
In Studio:
- Portfolio review and consulting. 
- Individual Skill building & development sessions: Each Session runs 1 - 2 hours each where we will focus on the fundamentals of Visual Art.   Each session is crafted to focus your specific issues, needs and developmental concerns through drawing, painting and varied type of mixed media.   
- Block Sessions meet once or twice a week over the course of 4-8 week period at a discounted rate.  Through block sessions we can address and build on the fundamental foundation of art making.  Block sessions allow more time to build beyond skill building alone and allow you to begin to develop fully realized ideas.    
-Collage & Portfolio preparation addresses the individual need and development of a perspective collage student.  Through portfolio development skill building exercise and fully realized work we can work to polish up and support your strengths that will allow you to enter undergrad or graduate school with the edge you need to stand out in a the competitive art world.  These sessions are more intensely focused and require commitment and dedication.  Collage Prep includes: Block session, portfolio review & skill building consult & development, 10 portfolios ready digital photos.
- Individual and small groups seminars: Surface prep, color mixing, material craft, presentation & documenting artwork, and field trips.
-Artwork & portfolio photography       
Home Studio Sessions 
Almost the entire in studio services can be done at your home studio. The benefit to home studio visit/lesson is by far time.  A home studio session allows for reduced set up time and allow us to really to address developing issues in the environment you work in most often.  I can also offer suggestions and support for best practices in your home studio.      
If you like I can also help you establish your own home studio.  All artists have different methods of making art and expressing their creative interest.  Your home studio should be a place suited to YOU as a maker.
Artwork commissions & sales:  I do limited commissions and sell my own artwork through the foundation art studio, but I can also connect you with a variety of artists for commissions and have a small selection art available for sale in the Foundation A.S. Flat file.  Please inquire for more details. 
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